• L. I. Antwine

Dungeons and Dragons: An Introduction For The Ones Who Don't Know What It Is

"Roll 2d6"

"Roll Stealth with Advantage"

"You have Disadvantage on all Ability Checks"

"Yes, you can try to seduce the scary vampire lady"

This is all things I have either heard or said at one point while playing dungeons and dragons (D&D for short). But, to the average person who knows very little about D&D, this is simply a bunch of words strung together to form a sentence. This is to help those who know next to nothing (or absolutely nothing) about Dungeons and Dragons.

First of all, what is Dungeons and Dragons? Well, its not just funny shaped dice, a group of adults acting like little kids, or one singular person with the power to make a group of people to cry. If you want to learn the "technical aspects" of D&D, the

Wikipedia page

is a good place to start. But, if you want something from the perspective of those who play it, this

YouTube video

is a great place to start.

But this series is everything Dungeons and Dragons. From the "what is it" to the nitty gritty.

So, hold on to your d20s and get ready to roll.


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